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Puppy training is a great foundation for your puppies under 5 months old. Ridgeside K9 Ohio’s puppy training teaches basic obedience such as come, sit, down, place, leash manners, and in-home manners. 

This program is not just obedience commands, it also offers socialization, crate training, and improvement with potty training. 

It will help with minimizing over-excited behaviors in the home such as barking out windows, jumping on guests, door manners, and counter surfing. This is a great program to allow your dog the structure and exposure to grow into a well-rounded adult.

Helping your puppy get started on the right “paw” in their life!  Our puppy Board and Train in Canton Ohio program will help your puppy learn solid foundational training their need in the beginning stages of their lives. This stage is one of the toughest phases for your puppy to begin learning so let our team of skilled puppy trainers help handle the hard work for you!

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2-Week Puppy Boot Camp

Training young dogs is imperative to their long-term success. Before your puppy can be a well-balanced, well-mannered adult you must build a solid foundation of confidence, focus, and obedience. Our 2-Week Puppy Boot Camp provides all the necessary elements to get your pup started on the right track. 

Puppy Boot Camp- $400 to hold date / $900 due first day of training)

What the 2-Week Puppy Boot Camp Includes: 

This is a two-week board and train in which your puppy lives with his/her assigned trainer. We teach your puppy how to learn & how to engage, using positive reinforcement, prong collar if needed. We teach basic obedience positions (come, sit, place, down, loose leash walking) and manners (jumping, barking, nipping, begging). Throughout the training, your pup will have exposure to new environments, humans, dogs, and children. While living with the trainer, the structure will organically improve crate training and potty training.

WHAT PUPPY TRAINING IS NOT: Duration (stay) & distraction obedience. Adult-level obedience. Off-leash obedience.

Why Puppy Boot Camp? 

Obedience is every dog owner’s main concern. Your puppy must first learn HOW to learn. Each puppy will learn to focus with their trainer and build the habit of looking to a human for leadership and guidance. 

Exposure and Socialization with new people, places, sounds, smells, and dogs of all sizes and personality is also a key to success. If you would like your dog to remain obedient in a social setting with other dogs and strangers present, they must be desensitized to these scenarios. In addition, the ability to meet and play with other dogs in a polite manner starts in adolescence.

Crate training is the most important training you can do for your dog as a puppy. It aids in the success of potty training, helps to avoid the development of separation anxiety, and builds independence in teaching a calm state of mind while alone. You will never have to worry about your dog being nervous while boarding or when you’re not home if you teach this vital skill at a young age. Vacation here you come!