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Ridgeside K9 Ohio’s Board and Train options are the most popular, efficient, and effective way to obtain world-class control and obedience on your house pet. Our Board and Train programs are the base of our dog training business at Ridgeside K9. We offer multiple board and train programs depending on your dog training needs, goals, and issues you may have. Each board and training program is customized for the individual dog. During our board and train programs, your dog is glued to its assigned trainer. Dogs live with and train with the trainer 24/7 for a set amount of training days based on the board and train selected. During training, trainers will send you daily progress reports and numerous photos so you can follow along and always stay in the loop on how your dog is doing.


In addition to your one-on-one “go-home” lesson, each listed training package is backed by our refresher guarantee. Should any issues arise after training, you can request a refresher lesson, free of charge. A trainer can come to you and work through the issue in a 1-hour session. We also have monthly group refresher classes (check our socials for dates and times) that are also free to attend. 

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UPON COMPLETION OF ANY TRAINING PACKAGE: We will have a 2-3-hour lesson with you, this will include: Learning how and when to use your e collar. Learning about motivations and rewards, learning and giving new commands and communicating with clarity, correcting unwanted behaviors, reinforcing and rewarding desired behaviors and learning how to stay in control. 

This package is perfect for dogs 6 months and older with little to mild behavioral issues. During this time, your dog will work with our 4 on-sight trainers throughout the day and spend the night at our daycare with our other overnighters. There are usually only a few dogs. It’s quiet and calm throughout the night with potty breaks from a daycare employee throughout.  This provides a lot of extra training time, exposure to new people, places & things (field trips to stores, parks etc), distraction training and socialization.We train at our main facility, our large K9 facility, out in the nearby neighborhoods and out in public, pet  friendly stores. Your dog will also be able to learn proper socialization skills at our doggie daycare. We teach your dog on and off leash obedience and reliability through e collar training (come, sit, down, place command, heel, off leash recall) and cover all aspects of livability, control and environmental neutrality. This means your dog will have in-home manners (barking, counter surfing, jumping on guests) but also focus and listen to you outside, inside, with or without distractions. This is an e collar training course. You and your dog will be fully educated on the e collar before returning home.

Two weeks are a good start to fundamentals, but for rehabilitation most dogs need 3-4 weeks depending on the severity of issues.This package is for dogs that have aggression, reactivity, and severe anxiety issues.  The same obedience commands in package A are included in this package, as well as training to manage anxiety and/or aggression issues. It’s important to note that not all dogs have the ability to be socially sound, and may need consistent management in order to successfully navigate life. Any additional time needed to accomplish our goals is included in the price. We are available for follow up as needed. This is an E collar training course. You will receive progress updates every 2-3 days directly from your trainer so you are in the know at all times. At the end of the training you will have an official “go home” lesson. This is around 2-3 hours spent with your dog and trainer to  train you to work effectively and efficiently with your dog post training to ensure your best results.